Friday, March 9, 2012

Evanston Cell Phone Ban

On Wednesday the Sun Times reported that Evanston is contemplating banning all cell phone use- even with hands-free devices, while driving. The matter has been referred to the Evanston City counsel for a vote. If enacted, the measure would prohibit the use of cellphones while driving in the City of Evanston.

Statistics have long shown that talking on a cellphone greatly increases the chances that a driver will be involved in a collision. Studies have consistently shown that the risk of causing a collision is not affected by whether or not the driver is using a hands free device at the time of the accident. the problem is not that the driver has a phone in their hand, rather it is that they are distracted by their activities apart from driving. Studies have equated cell phone use while driving to driving drunk.

Evanston gets my applause. While I can appreciate the desire for a driver to be in communication, I think in a complicated urban area or residential area it is imperative that drivers use all their faculties to concentrate on the most important task at hand- driving.

Evanston mulls banning all cellphone use while driving — even hands-free - Chicago Sun-Times